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13x42cm_color pencil on paste board_2017

Framed after order - No return policy


There are things that are just seen.

I am standing and see something.
The thing has always been there and I just notice them as I stand there. Among other things, you and I have changed as time goes by and we finally notice such changes when we stop.

Stop means comma, space and just. Thanks to these words, we forget complicated things in our lives for a second, flow with the current and give space to our mind. When we notice that how much these things are struggling to build the inner side, we can use them as a guideline for the future.
To an individual or a group of people, just doing, listening, speaking something can be meaningless. The word 'just' can also be meaningless. The meaning of 'just', however, is limitless. 'Just' gives us a moment to stop and see space. Sometimes, it gives us a word of comfort or sometimes, a word of advice that we should stop somewhere to take a breath.

  • Area with commas II

    by Su jin Kim

    • Color Pencil on Pastel Board
    • Size : 5.12 H x 16.54 W inch
    • Style : Figurative, Fine Art, Impressionistic
    • Subject : Landscape, Love / Beauty, Nature
    • Material Used : Color Pencil
    • Year Created: 2017
    • Status: Framed
  • $300.00 USD

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