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A Man with a Knife, Oil, Gouache & Acrylic on Canvas, 91x116.8cm, 2016

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I was growing up in the coastal village. I enjoyed watching the scenery, taking off my glasses. The colors, shapes and lights that I was watching back then have greatly affected my works. When I took off the glasses the shapes looked totally blurred. The sea and trees were blurred as they were one. People walking the beach and lights were beautifully dim. It was not realistic, but just beautiful, like dreams.

The shapes and actions in my art work are smudged and all the details will be sensed by viewers’ imagination and emotion. I want viewers to be immersed in emotion and believe that blurred shapes and instant emotion make unexpected beauty. The reason why I painted people a lot comes from my memory of childhood.

When I was a kid, I got lost very frequently and every time I got lost I cried. Then, people around me who just passed by me, looked at me, talked to me and held my arms, looked very blurred just like my paintings. Their voices, temperatures and fragrances came to me as very unique colors and shapes. Their faces looked smudged like my paintings. Such memories affect my art work.

  • A Man with a Knife

    by Mina Ham

    • Oil, Gouache, Acrylic Mixture on Canvas
    • Size : 45.98 H x 35.83 W inch
    • Style : Abstract, Fine Art
    • Subject : Abstract, Portrait / People
    • Material Used : Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Canvas
    • Year Created: 2017
    • Status: Unframed but Ready to Hang
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