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A vertical format renders this composition with the dominant plate of fruit its strength.The powerful red of the velvet tablecloth contrasts in a fantastic manner with the colors of the drinking horn. These features are then balanced exquisitely with the display of Chinese porcelain and the glimmering dark with the painted Roemer. 

I was able to catch the light in a breathtaking manner. In this painting, I prove myself to be a master of the intricate play of light. Details like the reflections of the silver trimmings in the drinking horn, the knife handle with the painted highlights on the various textures and the different ways in which the surfaces of all the objects receive and change the light are proof of my sense of clarity and luminosity of color. The basis to great art is achieved when the elements of art - drawing, composition, modeling, perspective, design, and color - are brought together in unity to support, enhance, and intensify my emotions. 
  • A Royal Dessert

    by William Yenkevich

    • Oil on
    • Size : 20.00 H x 16.00 W inch
    • Style : Realistic
    • Subject : Still Life
    • Material Used : gessoed linen mounted on a hardwood panel
    • Year Created: 2011
    • Status: Framed
  • $10,000.00 USD

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