Andy Warhol, Enamel Paint on Canvas, 53.0x45.5 cm, 2017

Artist Note _____________________________________________________________________

When I was young, I didn’t have cable TV. All I had was 12 cable and other pirate channels. Among the pirate channels, one channel shows old cartoons from day to night. I always watched that cartoons all day. The cartoons were like my friends and the worlds in the cartoons are very special. Fancy and strong characters, huge robots and scary villains……I always admired the world in the cartoons. I wanted to save people from the evils and be praise by them. When I put mask and flourished a plastic sword I felt like a hero, just like them. I believed that they really exist outside the country.

I felt ashamed about my fantasy during the puberty. It seemed very childish. I was forced to become an adult. I thought that I should become an adult as my friends around me behave like adults. So I put my fantasy deep in the drawers and didn’t look them again. I was pretty adult for some time. When I started painting, I draw like an ordinary adult. In this world, full of adults, everyone says there is no right answer. I wore my father’s suit that didn’t fit me and I realized that my answer is 1,000 won of plastic sword. I took my fantasy out of the drawers and put them on my canvas by spreading colors with brushes. It was still brilliant and special. I spread paints as I flourished sword. My old fantasy survives on the canvas.

If anyone is still in the father’s suit and mother’s skirt and struggles to find answers to the questions that don’t have any right answers, I want them to get back their fantasies during watching my paintings.

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  • Andy Warhol.

    by DeokHyun Kang

    • Enamel Paint on Canvas
    • Size : 20.87 H x 17.91 W inch
    • Style : Fine Art, Graffiti, Pop Art, Street Art
    • Subject : Children / Family, Fantasy, Portrait / People, Sports
    • Material Used : Enamel, Canvas
    • Year Created: 2017
    • Status: Unframed
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