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Beers, Smoke, Talk_2017_Oil on canvas_112.1x162.2cm

Artist Note ________________________________________________________

Topic of my works is languor of daily images.

Languor means an emotion coming from a moment when we can’t find any meaning anymore on the course of finding meaning about our surroundings.

Modern society is very complex. The meanings of one image have become more various than before. In this post-modern society, perceptions and decisions have become more flexible than before. The meanings and values of an image are not fixed and can be different from what we already know.

In order to express such uncertainty, I try to erase the existing meanings and values by blurring the shapes in the image.

  • Beers, Smoke, Talk

    by Deok ki Kim

    • Oil on Canvas
    • Size : 44.13 H x 63.86 W inch
    • Style : Figurative, Fine Art, Pop Art, Realistic
    • Subject : Celebrity
    • Material Used : Oil-Color, Canvas
    • Year Created: 2017
    • Status: Unframed
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