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I'm Fine, Pencil and Pigment on Korean Paper, 100.0x130.3cm, 2015

Artist Note ________________________________________________________________________

I expose signified through shape. However, by showing arbitrary signifier, the roles of symbols seem to be losing. It is emotional records through the dissolution of emotions. The dissolution is in place to show and I ultimately want to be sympathized by others.

The damaged cone shows the pasts and behaviors that you would conceal from the childhood to the present. The responsibility of damages on the cone fully goes to the painter and it is a keyhole to explain the causality between the action and guilty. The relations between the painter and the others and the painter and the emotions are clearly set by the existing of the cone. The cone is something like a third-person but it is a metaphor of the painter himself. 

My work focuses on the process of emotion express. By dissolute the emotions, I want viewers to sympathize more specifically. The point of sympathy and the point of imaginable are displayed on the screen and the viewers can experience the art. Expressing the emotion may seem very abstract process but actually it can be very explainable paintings.

I recall the moment of emotion expressing. When the emotion comes out of the body, it is probably very impromptu and impulsive. To express this moment in a visible way, I suggest a cone as a tool. When the cone is met with the ground, viewers can imagine and I recognize the relations between me and the others can be very dynamic and active.

  • I'm Fine

    by JiHyun Yoon

    • Pigment on Korean Paper
    • Size : 51.30 H x 39.37 W inch
    • Style : Abstract, Fine Art
    • Subject : Abstract, Others
    • Material Used : Pigment, Pencil, Korean Paper
    • Year Created: 2015
    • Status: Framed
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