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Our mind starts from a blank paper. Through recognition, experience and awareness, things are engraved on the mind. Then, time. as a filter, fades and eliminates the meaning of things that are accumulated in our mind. We may forget many things. For me, 'disappearing' is something that starts from a blank paper, be engraved in it, disappear and goes back to a blank paper again.


'Disappearing' is one phase of our society for me. We forget many things as we live. Justice, history, philosophy and other legacies from the ancestors have been faded and eliminated. Thus, our current society is in a state of zero and doesn't have any shape. The modern society is a blank paper which doesn't have anything from the past. I look at this society with the keyword of 'disappearing', engrave things and cover them.


In the processes of the artwork, meaning is given. White canvas is the start of blank paper. Subjects are engraved and appear on the canvas. With the material features of oil painting, time filter is being attached and the subject has been faded. On the disappearing subject, history and time have been accumulated. Such processes start from a blank paper and end on the paper as well.


I want to show this process to present one phase of our society.

  • SfumatoⅠ: Human Being

    by Pyoungjin Kim

    • Oil on canvas
    • Size : 45.91 H x 35.79 W inch
    • Style : Fine Art
    • Subject : Portrait / People, Others
    • Material Used : Oil on canvas
    • Year Created: 2017
    • Status: Unframed
  • $2,500.00 USD

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