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Wait_Until.., 116.8x91.0 cm, Ink & Pigment on Korean Paper, 2012

Artist Note _______________________________________________________

My work is about a story of my precious memories of life.

My work consists of numerous lines combined and the short lines imply various meanings. Line is made of more than two dots and the concept of line means memories which connect the moments of my life. It also means relations between the people and road that connects the spaces. The roads mean the choices that have been made in life and directions of my futures.

In other words, the topics of my works are the memories and choices of my life that are combined with my emotions.

  • Wait_Until..

    by Daeho Lee

    • Ink & Pigment on Korean Paper
    • Size : 45.98 H x 35.83 W inch
    • Style : Fine Art
    • Subject : Landscape, Architecture / Cityscape
    • Material Used : Pigment, Ink, Korean Paper
    • Year Created: 2012
    • Status: Unframed
  • $2,500.00 USD

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