The painter (Lithuanian Artists' Union) who for many years lived
    and worked in France. After conducting a number of solo exhibitions
    and participating in international exhibitions and art festivals,
    exhibits his paintings in Lithuania and abroad, in countries such as
    France, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg and Italy. In recent years,
    living and creating in Lithuania.
    The artist creates his works with acrylic paint on canvas.
    Although the theme of the works is quite wide and and the
    paintings are enough abstract, but you can see and realistic details,
    including the human silhouette. Calm colors and contrasts,
    movement and tranquility...all of which express the human way, his
    thoughts, feelings and contradictions.
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  • acrylic painting
  • Vilnius Academy of Arts, Master's degree in art, art creator's status.
  • visual artist
  • visual artist