• Alexander Antanenka

    Monet proclaimed: “My eyes were finally opened and I understood nature. I learned at the same time to live it”. Russian born, Florida and NY based artist Alexander Antanenka’ s cityscape and landscape canvases exemplify for the natural world as he offers a new vision of the magic and allure of the terrestrial world. With his deep love of the environment, the cosmopolitan Mr. Antanenka lovingly renders ethereal international scenes in a dazzling array of luminescent colors, inviting the viewer to inhale the beauty of nature and exhale its joy. Visually capturing both vistas and urban settings, Mr. Antanenka’ s landscapes and Paris Series reflect profound romanticism and nostalgia, incorporating a heavy textured, neo-impressionist style. Like sparkling champagne, his dream-like vision of Paris scenes is intoxicatingly bubbling over with effervescent exuberance, mood and nuance. 
    Characterized by timelessness of place, Alexander Antanenka adroitly portrays atmospheric environments which commemorate nature’s divinity. By immortalizing the permanence of our natural world with illuminated impressionist-style panoramas and mosaic-hued compositions, he transports the viewer to engage in a romantic dialogue with the natural world. This gifted master underscores the spiritual essence and joie de vivre of nature as he continues the heritage of the 19th century French Impressionists. Through the lens of Alexander Antanenka’s brush, nature is given a fresh reinterpretation. 
    Striking and sophisticated, a plentitude of expressive colors and balanced compositions breathe life into his enchanted dioramas. A master colorist, his complex layering of paint leaves a lasting impression imparting the lush beauty of Paris, London, NY and many other cities at night, in the rain, the way it’s never goes quiet or dark, always with alive stories. Dramatic black, grey and white tones are illuminated by stark lighting which heightens the visceral quality of his expressionist emotional vistas. Rendered with heavy impasto, Mr. Antanenka achieves incredible depth, three-dimensionality, and tactility. Also employing luscious jewel toned color palette   in his other nature tableaux, Mr. Antanenka’ s compositions bar from the mind remembrance of our lived reality in order to present novel imagery never seen before by the naked eye. Color and light work to create a fantasy that reflects the reality of it all, something that is idealized and yet still rings true to the actual settings and ambiance. 
    Demonstrating his love of nature through his strong commitment and talent, Alexander Antanenka has catapulted himself into New York art arena. Internationally renowned in the European art world as well as the U.S., Alexander Antanenka’ s art is  highly demanded in both public and private collections through Europe and U.S.,  Mr. Antanenka’s mesmerizing colors and compositions have earned the utmost praise and recognition. 
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  • pointillism, landscapes
  • Art Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC, 2018
  • Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NYC, 2018