• Joe Ganech

    I am  a visual artist, born in Northern Spain, and for many years now, living in Belgium.
    Let's have Joe introduce himself.
    Thank you for visiting my website, my official digital home on the Internet. I am a self-taught artist.
    I have loved 'Art' since boyhood, and I have no favourite artist or style. I think all artists have their visions and their own universes...and every artistic visions forms an artists unique and magical whole. What interests me above all, is how my thinking is expanded with the methods I discover and incorporate into my artistic practice .
    ​I take risks, and never fall asleep taking a pause for thought before each creation. The essence for me is to pursue satisfaction and to understand that every creation is the first. 
    ​Being satisfied is the first sign the piece I am creating is nearing completion.
    Very often, before starting a new piece of work inspiration comes to me in visions and voices directing me to paint like this way or that way.  I know it seems strange but that's how it works.  I am not a medium or magician.  I seem to be an instrument, the media my musical score with the resulting artwork the performance which I accept and embrace...and remain humble in this Gift of life.
    My creations are therefore like messages that each one, each viewer, must understand and perceive according to their personal experiences and feelings.  The greatest joy for me is when I have the opportunity to meet the public and hear their opinions and their personal interpretations of them. Feedback is always important to me as with every artist.  So my work is never complete...as the audience continues with their comments and reactions.
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  • Digital art, digital collage , mixed media art
  • self-educated
  • Group exhibitions Nottingham ( U.K ) 2017-2018 
  • Group exhibitions Nottingham ( U.K ) 2017-2018