• Martin Ashkhatoev

    Georgia, Tbilisi. Was born on 20.05.1958 in Tbilisi. Has no artistic education. At the age of 20 began to draw. In 1985 accidentally discovered extraordinary features of exposed photographic paper and began already to draw without paint, finding colours with razor under a black layer of exposed photo paper. Photographic paper does not forgive mistakes and it has a great effect. There were made a lot of drawings of small formats (from 5x3 to 30x60) because of the shortage of large sheets of photo paper suitable for work. During 30 years of work with photographic paper a great number of works were granted, only a few have been sold. The works are located in Russia, Greece, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Georgia, Australia, Israel, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic. Under normal conditions, as ought to pictures, the longevity of storage of photographic paper is the same as for works performed on canvas or other material. In the private collections the works of thirty years limitation are kept in excellent condition. Member of the Paris International Paris Association since 2017.
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  • NotPersonal exhibitions: 1) the national library of the parliament of Georgia 23.01.2015 2) the house museum of people's artist of Georgia Vakhtang Chabukiani 28.05.2015 3) the national library of the parliament of Georgia 04.04.2016. Collective Exhibition-Cabinet rarities Paphos Cyprus 9.06. 2018 Less. 5) National Folklore Center of Georgia Tbilisi. 05.05.2019