• Martin Ashkhatoev

    Country Georgia
    Tbilisi city
    Born 05/20/1958 in Tbilisi
    I do not have an art education. At the age of 20 years old, he suddenly started drawing, and soon left it as he was engaged in jewelry. In 1985, accidentally discovering the unusual properties of illuminated photo paper, he began to paint again, but already, finding a color with a razor under the black layer of illuminated  specially processed photo paper. all colors are under a black layer of paper by cutting with a razor layers of illuminated, specially processed photo paper and reaching the desired color a picture is created. Photo paper does not ask for errors and it has a great effect. The work was performed with a razor blade in formats from 5x3 cm to 30x60 cm, due to deficiency of large formats suitable for work. The paintings are in galleries, purchased by customers, are in private collections -Russia Greece Cyprus, Germany France Spain Australia Israel. Finland Poland, USA Thailand Czech Republic Georgia
    Pictures acquired galleries.
    Los Angeles 1992 Marcel 2000 Kempten (Germany) 2016 Paphos (Cyprus) 2017
    Pictures should be in normal conditions in a dry place! Protect from humidity, dampness from sunshine and keep under glass! Do not wipe! Under normal conditions, durability is provided and longer than that of photographs, since all chemistry is cut off during operation! The picture with the year and retains its appearance! Member of the Paris International Art Association since 2017
    Personal exhibitions:
    1) The National Library of the Parliament of Georgia 01/23/2015
    2) the house-museum of the national artist of Georgia Vakhtang Chabukiani 05/28/2015
    3) The National Library of the Parliament of Georgia 04.04.2016
    4) Collective exhibition —A cabinet of rarities. Paphos Cyprus 06.06.2018
    5) Personal. The State Center of Folklore of Georgia 05.20. 2019 year
    Types of Creativity: Painting, Graphics
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  • NotPersonal exhibitions: 1) the national library of the parliament of Georgia 23.01.2015 2) the house museum of people's artist of Georgia Vakhtang Chabukiani 28.05.2015 3) the national library of the parliament of Georgia 04.04.2016. Collective Exhibition-Cabinet rarities Paphos Cyprus 9.06. 2018 Less. 5) National Folklore Center of Georgia Tbilisi. 05.05.2019