• Minika S.K.

    Minika, is a self-taught artist based in Middle East. During her school days she was noticed for her extraordinary paintings that set her apart from her fellow mates.
    Although, after a long gap of several years, she tapped into her hidden talent recently and decided to further pursue her love for art by exploring the strength of colours utilizing different techniques. Presently, Minika's paintings have transformed into her passion, thus resulting in a beautiful array of bold colors and depth. 
    Her Abstract paintings depict optimism, steering the viewer towards an era of imagery, speaking volumes. These paintings created are a reflection not only of herself but of her various experiences of life, reflecting a wide array of emotions and thoughts, connecting its viewers to some part of themselves.
    Minika quotes- “In life we go through a whole lot of emotions, each depicting a different color, shade, feel and depth. My feelings are expressed in the form of my artworks, creating a connection with people from different walks of life. This is something that totally inspires me to paint, to bring people together, because art is one such factor that connects people.” 
    She works with both oil and acrylic mediums, stating that sometimes the challenge exists in exceeding boundaries, thus obtaining a newer and higher level. 
    There is no higher attainment of satisfaction than creating an artwork that is an expression of the soul.
    Minika has participated in exhibitions around the world, and she has won awards for her paintings in the Winners category, Special merit and Special Merit for Womens category. 
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