• Paula Gerendas

    Ars Poetica
    Humanity has always wanted to decorate its surroundings and make the living space more beautiful and homelike. What would we expect most from an object with decorative function? To have a good radiant tone, to make us happier, to think about it, to move our imaginations, or to remind us of an earlier kind moment of our life.
    The task of artists, in my opinion is to bring aesthetics to the society and make people's lives more beautiful. When creating all of my works, I keep in mind that the painting will provide this mission to the prospective owner.
    My audience likes that I apply vibrant, live colors and they often say, how good that they “can recognize" what is in the picture. It is often the case that my works trigger a cathartic experience from the viewer as they have special radiations and sayings.
    I'm proud of that most of my customers buy their first original artwork from me, because they are so caught by them, that they want to have them.
    A high-quality, decorative oil painting is an excellent idea as a gift or an investment as well!
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  • I'm expert of the colors.
  • Fine Art and Industrial School.
  • Oil paintings on streched canvas.
  • Oil paintings on streched canvas.