• Rehab Rahim

    I was born in Pakistan and raised in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). I currently live in Pakistan. I hold Masters degree in Accounting from Pakistan and don't have any formal education in art. One day I realized that I have God-gifted talents of arts. Last year, I started drawings, then coloring and after that I developed my keen interests in paintings. Paintings have become my necessity without which I can't feel complete. I considered myself as a passionate artist who feels comfortable to express feelings via paintings and devotes most of the time to do paintings for those who are art lovers. I have started my art works since November, last year and have painted more than 50 canvass. Acrylic paint is the most favorite medium as it is easy and reasonable to buy and relax-able to paint. I have just started publishing my artworks in some online gallery websites in this month such as SaatchiArt, Artquid,Bluethumb and my own facebook fan page. 
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  • Paintings (Acrylic and Oil), drawings.
  • Masters' degree in Accounting. 
  • Paintings, morning jogging, cooking, playing with my kids.
  • Paintings, morning jogging, cooking, playing with my kids.